Star SAM 001 (1st chakra)

These miniature Orgonites (See “Wilhem Reich/Orgonites”) combine various natural materials in a resin matrix, with the intention of purifying and clearing energies in the immediate space.

Copper, steel, magnets, shells, semi-precious stones, and pearls.

Please contact Leslee (ruwadesign@gmail,com) is you’re interested in ordering a set.

Star SAM 002 (3rd chakra, yellow)
Star SAM 002 (back)
Star SAM 003 (fouRth chakra, green)
Star SAM 003 (back)
Star SAM 004 (grounding)
Star SAM 004 (back)
Star SAM 005 (speak your heart)


Star SAM 005 (back)


Triple-Spiral Pendulums 001-009Triple-Spiral Pendulums 001-009

These personal ornaments, created with pure copper wire and semi-precious beads, double as a lariat necklace or a pendulum. The original channeled design combines three interlaced layers of spirals, expressing and encouraging the flow of balanced energy through the body.

Some items available for purchase. Custom orders welcomed. Please contact Leslee at if you’d like more information or to place an order.

Triple-Spiral Pendulum 001
Triple Spiral Pendulum 002
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 003
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 004
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 005
Triple Spiral Pendulum 006
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 007
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 008
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 009