Triple-Spiral Pendulums 001-009Triple-Spiral Pendulums 001-009

These personal ornaments, created with pure copper wire and semi-precious beads, double as a lariat necklace or a pendulum. The original channeled design combines three interlaced layers of spirals, expressing and encouraging the flow of balanced energy through the body.

Some items available for purchase. Custom orders welcomed. Please contact Leslee at if you’d like more information or to place an order.

Triple-Spiral Pendulum 001
Triple Spiral Pendulum 002
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 003
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 004
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 005
Triple Spiral Pendulum 006
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 007
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 008
Triple-Spiral Pendulum 009


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    This is a reblog from my site “Ruwa Design”, which hosts the items I’m creating, … (“Ruwa” is Tibetan for the offering of form, to delight the senses…)
    My pendulums, (designed by Adrial & Lhamo Dorje) are quite powerful energetic devices, and also function as wearable jewelry! Each piece is One Of A Kind.
    I’m still adding descriptions to this post of Triple-Spiral Pendulums, but am happy to be able to share this link with you now…
    Please subscribe to Ruwa Design to receive notices as I add posts with more items which are available. Also, please comment if you would like more info…
    I’ll be adding many more things in the next few days, including more pendulums (including bracelet pendulums), orgonites, some special little beings called “SAMs”, and possibly books and cards… All may be purchased through PayPal, and shipped to you. Thank you for taking a look!
    Namaste, Leslee

  2. Hi, Lisa and Debbie!

    I apologize for taking soooo long to reply! I was caught a little off guard by my move to Colorado! Now that I’m almost settled in, I’m finally getting around to responding here. If you would both please email me at, I’ll get back with you (quickly this time!) with info about shipping and availability.

    The price range that has been offered for these is $60-$75 (USD). Some of the pieces shown have been sold or gifted already…

    Thanks so much for your patience and interest!

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